From 5th Avenue to the Pentagon…

Step behind the scenes to understand the techniques that are helping people achieve success, from the world’s most exclusive boardrooms to four-person startups to everything in between.

Scott B. Williams

Who are You in the Secret Theater of Work?

Case Study No. 1 – The Director

You’re the Boss – There’s a story to tell. What is your vision and who are your players?

Case Study No. 2 – The Actor

Ops or Sales Manager – You’re in the thick of it, working with others to tell the story. You’re in charge of executing the plan

Case Study No. 3 – Stage and Production

Graphics Artist or Engineer  – You’re the master of the overall experience, carefully crafting the details as an experienced engineer.  Maybe you’re in graphics and create visuals, metaphors, and new tools to successfully tell the story

“All the world’s a stage”

—William Shakespeare, As You Like It